Once upon a time, a Poli-Sci grad, studying for the LSAT took a sabbatical to India. 

She found herself seated on a dirt floor across from a vedic astrologer, little did she know that this moment would forever change the trajectory of her life…

>> (if you haven’t guessed by now this woman was me.)

"The trauma in my womb".

"You need to learn belly dance. It will help you heal the trauma in your womb, then you'll teach other women how to heal."

Literally nothing could have been more foreign to me. Belly dancing?! I wanted my money back! And yet… those words echoed in my ears:                                              

Embodiment Practice - Feminine Symbols and Moving Meditation (20mins)

And trauma from my past was wreaking havoc on my life, my relationships, and my confidence. The womb is both an anatomical feature and a symbol. I've come to realize that disconnection from the womb (physically, energetically, archetypically) is a severing from the body, the Feminine, and life itself. It happens whether we have a physical womb or not.


I was so drained and disconnected, so hungry for more. So I did the seemingly least logical thing and dove headfirst into a journey of healing my body, my womb and myself. When I say headfirst, I’m talking off the deep end. I spent years pouring all of my time, energy, and money - all of my resources - trying to fix what I thought was broken.  I sought out gurus and experts and dove headfirst into yoga, Tantra and other healing modalities. I spent years and all my available resources to 'fix' myself.

I pushed and contorted myself in an attempt to prove my worth in an environment dominated mostly by men.

In my teens and my 20’s, I sought to emulate power through politics and academia. 

The more I progressed, the further away from my truth I felt. 

Again I found myself in a male dominated world, trying to climb yet another ladder. But this one was about enlightenment and ascension. 

Embodiment Practice - Feminine Symbols and Moving Meditation (20mins)

To succeed here, I needed to be disciplined, grateful, humble, obedient and quiet. The implicit message was: I should silence my voice. I should question my knowing. My desire is dangerous and my power is not to be trusted. 

And that was it for me. Never again would I ignore my knowing. Never again would I look to others to find my power. Never again would I try to fit myself into any system that was not designed for me. 
I was done chasing ascension and disembodied ‘love and light’.  And I was also ready. Ready to embody myself, my body wisdom, my brilliance, my erotic genius, and my worth. And it wasn't going to be an ascension into light and love.

And it didn’t take long for the cracks to show.

Just as in the world of academia, I was met with the same, familiar messages.

The journey of coming home to ourselves isn’t only ascension, it’s also descent.

Realizing this changed the landscape of my work and my life forever. 

Embodiment Practice - Feminine Symbols and Moving Meditation (20mins)

My work guides women on a descent into themselves to uncover the power that was there all along.

It’s an initiation into feminine consciousness as outlined by spiritual elders like Jung and Marion Woodman. Realizing this changed the landscape of my work and my life forever. 

The powerful process that is my work encompasses 3 elements:

1. learning safety in the body so that the feeling function is reclaimed

Embodiment Practice - Feminine Symbols and Moving Meditation (20mins)

2. catalyzing the erotic so that passion and creativity can flow

3. embodying self-worth so that soul can become the compass. 

Rather than ‘attack’ what’s not working - which can keep us stuck in our trauma- deep healing is the result of honoring the deep wisdom of the body. Trauma resolution is neuro-physiological approach to healing that restores faith in the intelligence of the body, building resiliency and capacity, rather than focusing on things that are broken, believed to be in need of fixing. You do not need to be fixed.

Learning to feel the body and use it at an internal compass gives you the keys to accessing your most authentic authority and innermost power. These somatic teachings and tools help you to process core traumas that keep you stuck and will continue to help you to grow and evolve for the rest of your journey. 

You do not need to be fixed.

Safety in the body is established by understanding the science of trauma resolution and helps you to experience safety and self-trust in ways that are life-changing. 


Moving beyond the shame (some of it conscious and some of it deeply unconscious) of the body, the pelvis, and the desires of the soft animal that lives within, is a fierce reclamation of body and soul.  

Nurturing an authentic, embodied sensuality catalyzes an inner aliveness that is difficult to put into words. 

Exploring your erotic essence through movement, pelvic health education, and pleasure is a gateway to new and delicious aspects of yourself. 


Reprogramming the subconscious mind and rewiring neural pathways of unworthiness is essential to the legacy that you are creating.

In the story of unworthiness, you feel that you have nothing to offer the world and sadly, you might find that is what the world mirrors back to you.

Understanding the unconscious - the very terrain of the Feminine - allows an embodiment of worth and deserving that will carry your deepest visions into reality.