The Gift of Being a Woman

Self - love and self acceptance are two very, very important things I try to nurture on the daily because, as someone who has struggled majorly with these things, I know how life altering and expansive these two things can be to your entire experience of life. 

In my one-on-one work with clients, I use powerful somatic practices (body techniques, which differ from mind or talk techniques) to reprogram limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that are self-love centered and empowering. 

One limiting belief that comes up frequently in sessions, a belief that is especially denigrative and corrosive to the female spirit, is the belief that women are less powerful than men. At one point, consciously or unconsciously, I had this belief too. 

I've come to realize that it's not a matter of women being more or less powerful than men and it's not a matter of women adopting masculine qualities in order to be powerful. There is power inherent within each gender and, each having a unique set of strengths and gifts, we must spend time unearthing the feminine gifts in order to understand, utilize and optimize them.

Much of our wisdom and power is evident and accessible through the female form, the body itself. 

The female body is connected to life. The female body creates life, sustains life, IS life. The miracle of creation takes place within the womb: a door that swings between the world that is seen and the world that is unseen. 

Societies are obsessed with it, religions oppress it, government policies seek to dominate and control it. Why is so much emphasis and energy directed toward the female body? 

Because it’s powerful. 

It holds ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge that, if awakened to by a critical mass women, would disrupt a whole lot of status quo. The female body is connected to life and also to the source of life - the subtle, the mystical, and the non-linear : the intelligence and the potentiality that births all things. 

Early civilizations and cultures venerated not only the feminine energy that gives life but the female body as symbolic of life energy. It was carved in stone on sacred temples, worshipped, prayed to, and revered. The old practices and rituals may be forgotten, but the wisdom and the magic live on in our very bodies. 

The feminine magic is a mix of the sexual energy that creates life and the heart energy the nurtures it. It’s innate wisdom that engenders and sustains creation. It's a knowing that is guided by intuition and feeling; the alchemy of womb and heart energy that nourishes body, mind and soul. 

Our current cultural environment suppresses and represses the feminine spirit by way of the body. And the body is the gateway back to the magic that heals us and lights the way to authentic knowing and action as women. 

Our bodies are temples, our places of worship. They contain the essence of what we worship. Our cells and wombs and yoni-s and breasts are a living scripture, guiding us to the truth of what 'woman' really means.