The Embodied Feminine in a 'Man's World'

Have you ever sacrificed your femininity and your sensuality to make it in a ‘man’s world’?

Have you censored the way you dress or how you speak or what you deem relevant to a conversation in order to be heard or seen or validated?

This isn't a tirade against men. I adore men.

And for a very long time I wanted to be one.

But at some point I realized that no matter how I spoke or dressed, I was never going to be a treated just like a man, whether that was in my Political Science classes in University or in Yoga trainings or as an educator.

And then there came a point where I realized that this is a very, very good thing

I’m all for gender equality and equal rights. But I don’t believe that men and women are the same. 

Eventually, there came a point in my life where I refused to sacrifice my femininity or sensuality to make it in a ‘man’s world’.

I came to understand that feminine energy and qualities exist to help women live, love and lead with power that is authentically generated. A woman who embraces her innate feminine qualities has access to an abundance of internal, regenerative support.

A woman's body wisdom, her turn-on, her surrender, her intuition, her appreciation, among countless other things serve a power that is not feigned, not forced, but uniquely her own.

If you’re a woman, your feminine energy is here to enhance and support you and your path. 

You can engage with this energy is to become more aware and more curious of your body: how it feels and how it responds. This is what is known as embodiment. 

Embodiment is the process and end result of inhabiting yourself fully. 

That means dropping your awareness from the active mind to the sensation of the body. When you become aware of how your body is talking to you, you'll notice that it has a lot to say. It's a profound resource. 

If you carve out the time to listen, the body speaks faster than the mind, and offers all sorts of information. It will tell you, subtly, what to move towards and what to leave behind and it will tell you this by how good whatever your doing/encountering/engaged with feels. 

The felt sense of pleasure in your body is like breadcrumbs left by your soul to guide you back home to yourself. 

Listening and responding kindly to the sensations of your body (a feminine practice) rather than overriding or ignoring them (a masculine tendency) opens up energy reserves and radiance circuits that feed your feminine power. 

How might you tune into your body-talk today?