Thoughts on Radiance

I really enjoy visioning and goal setting. It's something I do regularly throughout the year. I like to envision where I want to be personally, professionally and physically, months and sometimes years down the road. I enjoy taking time to imagine my future self, the woman I want to be, and carve out a trajectory for her to come into being. 

For me, one of life's beautiful paradoxes is that you and I can be whole, complete and perfect while in the same breath, also be a work in progress. 

I distinctly remember a time in my early 20's when I could hear my future self whispering to me, asking me to evolve and grow, but I didn't know exactly who I wanted to be or how to become her. 

It was when I began to surround myself with women who inspired me that things became more clear.

I sought out mentors who gave me guidance, structure and clarity about what was possible for me and how to realize my potential and actualize it. To this day, I utilize coaches, mentors and guides to help me navigate what can sometimes be a difficult path to my best self. 

This is the 'why' and inspiration behind my online Radiance Sessions

Working one-on-one with me is an opportunity to uncover the desires, wishes, and longings of your feminine spirit and follow a clear path to embody the woman you yearn to be on the deepest level.  

Radiance Sessions provide a safe and supportive space to go deep into what's holding you back and address the triggers, the trauma, and the blockages that keep your from a rich and meaningful personal, sensual and sexual existence. The sessions are a path, forged out of my own experience, to sensitize the physical body after trauma and heal body, mind and soul to open you up to deep pleasure and in turn, your personal potential. 

Watching women go through these sessions and completely open up and blossom is completely awe-inspiring and an honor for me to be apart of. 

If you feel called to join me on this beautiful journey, you can apply here. 

In pursuit of living well and loving well,



Blaire Lindsay