Blaire Lindsay About

I’m Blaire and it's my passion to help women feel alive and luminous from the inside out.

A free spirit from the beginning, I grew up in the Canadian Rockies and have spent a decade teaching yoga, tantra, and dance. Today, I offer a synthesis of tantric feminine practice: a unique system of movement and mentoring called The Radiance Sessions.  The Radiance Sessions are a guide to your feminine essence; your inner goddess; your radiance.

What is radiance?

It's erotic empowerment; sexual connection; and fulfillment. It's a deep understanding of yourself as a living goddess. It's meeting all parts of you with love and awareness. It's bold and courageous living. It is being unapologetically connected to your pleasure. It's the joy of being connected to your erotic essence. And you are literally luminous: you glow. You are not meant to be dull or mediocre. You're here to shine. My job is to show you how.