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Internalized patriarchy is a terrible thing. It’s the inner voice that keeps us on the hamster wheel of “never enough”; that defines worth only through productivity, achievement and empty external markers of success. 

This cultural and familial programming cuts us from the true Feminine - from our bodies, our feelings, our intuition, and our innate eroticism - pure life force energy that brings true connection, intimacy, and aliveness. 

This container is a reconnection to your inner Feminine - the power that you’ve always known is there but have never been taught to access. 

It’s a high-touch journey to remove the filters that have kept you from the power that is your birthright - so that you can lead, love, run a business, make money, and live your life in a way that is an honest, aligned and embodied expression of who you really are - not what society or anyone else has taught you you should be. 

An intimate and high-touch initiation into the principles of the Feminine.

1:1 Mentorship & Guidance


"I’ve learned so much from Blaire by how she shows up.. She is an embodied inspiration for being bold, powerful, sensitive and compassionate. I”m so grateful for having worked with her: her support has been key for regulating and supporting my nervous system. Each month having 1-1 somatic sessions with her is a huge resource. In our relationship, she is non-judgmental, compassionate and unconditionally empowering. I feel so safe to unfold and melt in layers. Sessions with Blaire have empowered me in a way that has transformed my whole life."

Esra Gulen Yilman

Family Constellation & Non-Violent Communication Practitioner

This program is a 1-year trauma-informed, somatic-based coach training to uncover your authentic Feminine and embody the tools to guide others on their journey.

Embodied Feminine Power Coaching Certification

The Feminine is calling us all.

Discover your courage and confidence
Uncover the depths of who you are as a woman
Become studied, self-mastered and lead the way for other women
Build your own legacy by embracing your distinct gifts

This program is an initiation into the Feminine like you’ve never known it…

Create personal sovereignty and abundance in ways that feel deeply aligned for you
Have a beautiful, purpose-driven career
Build a life led by passion, purpose and prosperity

There’s an inner calling rising to disrupt an old, outdated patriarchal paradigm, and birth a new one that transforms the landscape of power and leadership.

It’s an opportunity to...

"I cannot express the difference in my day-to- day experience of life since I started working with Blaire. I have gone from living life from the neck up, without care or the desire to know what my body thought of my 70+ hour work weeks, to working for myself in a life centred around pleasure, fun, connection and embodiment. 

With Blaire's support, I have cracked open a thousand times over, and all whilst staying connected and within the limits of my body and its capacity. Blaire's EFP coaching certification has both transformed me as a person and ignited a fire within me to support and help others through my own coaching practice. She has an incredible way of creating a safe space to grow, crafting a nurturing community and giving you exactly what you didn't know you needed, right when you need it most. 

Everyone needs a Blaire Lindsay in their corner, I'm so happy that she is in mine. I can't recommend her highly enough."

Louise Ryder 

Founder of Womb School
Fertility & Menstrual Cycle Awareness Coach

"What can I say about this incredible training that will do it any justice! From Day 1, Blaire has created such a safe, supportive, transformative container in the EFP Training that has allowed me to connect deeply to myself and my body's own inherent wisdom. This training has allowed me to look deeply at some core wounds and patterns that have been showing up in my life and provided me with the tools to move gently through them and then to radiate that transformation out into the world through my relationships and my work.

I feel stronger, more grounded and more connected as a result, to myself and to others around me from a truly authentic place. Blaire encourages us to show up as we are (and models it beautifully and gracefully), and that all parts of us are welcome, and that is one of the most healing, nourishing aspects of the course. This course provides a perfect blend of theory and experience and I have been able to use all the tools and knowledge both personally, and professionally in my life as a Wellness Coach."

Stefani Chan-Wright

Wellness Coach
Founder of Ahimsa Eco 

"The transformations I have personally experienced in this container have been deeply profound, and during a time in the world where uncertainty and fear have been prevalent. I have been able to ground into the safety of my body, deeply heal past traumas, dig deep into the science of the nervous system, learn to trust my feminine wisdom and thrive in my role as a feminine leader.

I can not recommend this training enough. If you are looking to dig deep into your own healing in order to truly embody this wisdom, this program is for you. If you are looking to own your feminine power and lead from a place of alignment, authenticity and deep body confidence, this program is for you. If you are looking to lead heart centered change in the World, EFP is definitely for you."

Danielle Pare

Trauma Informed Somatic Coach

"Words do not do justice to the pure magic and transformation Blaire and her work bring. For a long time, I was skeptical of the feminine, embodiment, and flow because I had "functioned so well" in the masculine...until I didn't. 

The old paradigm of hustle hard, and push through were no longer working for me so took a leap of faith and hired Blaire; it was the best decision I've ever made. Even within a few weeks, I had already begun to access a level of pleasure, joy, and freedom I hadn't tasted in years.

I've been working with Blaire for over a year and I feel so much connected to my innate sense of worthiness and power. I'm also a student in her EFP certification program which has invited me to go even deeper into the work of the feminine, the body, and self-worth. Through this work, I've personally stepped up as an embodied leader and now get to bring this medicine to my clients. The ripple effect of the feminine is MAGNETIC."

Akansha Agrawal

Founder of Citrus & Gold

"The EFP program has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience. The amount of learning that has transpired for me has been incredible. What this looks like in real life is a totally expanded lens of how I approach my day to day life as well as my work. It has given me real permission to slow down and really listen to what is best for me, not just from the head space, but has allowed me to tune into the language of my body in a very real and tangible way.  

In my work with other women, there was something I was very much wanting to transmit to them but didn´t quite know how. It has only been through this course that I finally feel I have been given the tools and the keys to be able to really support other women in coming into a deeper trusting relationship with their bodies – a relationship that allows them to tune into their own knowing. The amount of material has felt just right and the relationships that have unfolded as a result of this course have been one enormous gift. With every ounce of me I believe this course will truly impact your life in subtle and monumental ways! Thank you Blaire for the enormous gift that this year long container has given me – a foundation for my life and work that is even way beyond what I could have hoped for from this course!"

Colleen Larkin


But so often we can't recognize - let alone actualize- the effortless, natural beauty that is already ours. We're taught to see beauty through a lens that is only EXTERNAL: how we look, what we wear, etc. What many women don’t know is how to relate to beauty as an energy so that they can harness beauty frequency from the inside out.

We do this by aligning with the frequency of beauty on a SOUL level. 
If we ONLY focus on the physical, we're stuck in a game of more, better, younger that, frankly, we will never win no matter how hard we try. I imagine that some part of you already knows that.

Beauty is an energy or frequency that has the potential to impact every single thing in your life…

Intuitive Beauty

And it's available to everyone because beauty is your birthright.

By learning the energetics of beauty we can feel, embody and express it in a whole new way – we start to LIVE beauty in a way that feels deeply good and authentic to us.


"The course was a complete perspective shift in how I view my relationship with beauty. When I came into this course, I thought beauty was for other women and not for me. I thought I had to fix and change myself to be more beautiful and I often compared myself to other women.
Intuitive Beauty helped me recognize these disempowering stories, so that I could make space for beauty to come into my life, body and soul. I no longer view beauty as superficial. It is an important piece of WHO I am as a spiritual woman. I see beauty in every aspect of my own being: my intelligence, the way I dance, my laugh etc. Making the conscious choice to call upon beauty as a sacred energy has helped me feel empowered in my unique essence. I've been doing work on my feminine for over two years and this course helped me tap into my radiance in a way that I've never been able to before."

Sarah B

Leadership Coach & Healer

"Taking this course really was the best gift I have given myself in a looong time! I am so happy for the big window it has opened up for me and I am so much looking forward to all the processes it has enabled to unfold in the future!

Yes to Beauty as a Sacred Gift we are bringing through in this World! Yes to Beauty as our Birthright!

Yes to Beauty as a deeply healing Feminine Frequency!"

Katrin Koe